No gym, no sports? No problem. This is a workout designed for middle school basketball players to perform at home with a ball, a cone, a 3 lb med ball and a hoop. No equipment due to the Covid-19 lockdown? As long as you have access to a ball, you can work through this video!

This video workout consists of real-time reps and high level coaching throughout the entire video. Tips and coaching cues are provided throughout. This basketball skills workout for youth was designed and coached by Coach Lyonel Anderson in Houston, Texas – former Head Strength Coach for the 2015/2016 Big Ten Championship winning Indiana Hoosiers Men’s Basketball team. Fundamentals in this clip include core work, ball handling, rebounding, finishing and shooting.

Begin with my Dynamic Warmup video, then perform the core work exercise circuit for a total of 3 sets. Then it’s time to get handles, attack defenders and finish at the rim